Transport with Morocco

We have specialized since our origins in the transport of goods between Morocco and Europe, knowing perfectly the legislative and cultural singularities of this country that make it especially complex for the transit, import and the export of goods.
We have offices in the city of Tangier and in the new port of TANGER MED, with four people in charge of the traffic between Spain and Morocco.

Our traffic is directed from all of Central Europe and Spain to the main cities of Morocco, from Tangier to Agadir. We transport any type of non ADR merchandise that can be placed in our rear-loading vehicles. We have accreditation in the TIR procedure, which enables customs clearance of shipments to Morocco in the main points of destination, and not necessarily in Tangier. If you don’t have regular forwarders we can confidently recommend the service of our forwarders and also, forwarding to the shipping destination merchandise transiting through Algeciras. Merlatrans has the obligatory EORI code necessary for any customs operations with Morocco. All our partners have the contract of collaboration with our company that is required by the Moroccan customs authorities as well as the MA authorizations issued by the Ministry of public works.
For this traffic we have a modern fleet of 100 refrigerated semi-trailers and a team of 60 people to ensure the fruition of our service.

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Our trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking system, so that at all times we can inform you of the status of your merchandise. This allows us to provide valuable information about when you will receive the cargo and, in case of a low temperature transport, the temperature at which the merchandise is transported.


Our transport has the latest safety and anti-theft systems, which include electric opening doors operated from the cabin.


We have a real time system of the temperature in which the product is carried throughout the trip (THERMOGRAPH), providing on-route information even during transportation.


In addition to transporting complete loads throughout Europe and Morocco we also offer our services of warehousing and distribution, for dry chilled and frozen produce.



For any accident or theft which may cause damage to the load, we have insurance which meets the requirements of our customers, ensuring the total or partial recovery of the real value of the goods.


All our trucks are refrigerators, with isotherm and thermograph, and are equipped with safety closures with opening from the cab. They also have a GPS locator, which allows us to facilitate the position of your truck in real time. The interion dimensions are 270cm x 247cm x 1340cm.

Sign a clearance authorization for our freight forwarder in Algeciras and provide an annex acknowledging the origin of the goods.

Provide invoice and packing-list to carry out the export clearance, request the corresponding DUA and issue the EUR-1 and phytosanitary certificates if the goods require it.

For European exporters, customs must be made at Origin, providing the documents quoted as well as the original EUR-1.

Other than Tangier, our main destinations in Morocco are Casablanca, Marrakech, Safi and Agadir. In these destinations we can carry out customs since we have the accreditation under TIR regime.

Depending on the loading point and the unloading point, the transit-time will be fixed in 2 or 3 days from Spain and 4 or 5 days for journeys from Europe. The frequency of departures is practically daily from one of the localized points, such as the entire Spanish Levant and countries such as Holland, Belgium, France and Morocco.

The interior dimensions with 270 cm x 247 cm x 1340 cm.

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